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This site is designed to provide in-depth and unbiased reviews and guides to all kinds of online education and training programs. We cover everything from college degrees, short courses and even games and activities for teens and kids.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be updating this site with some top quality content that will give you all the information you could ever need about any educational resource you’re considering investing in or trying out. Want us to review something specifically? Just drop us a line and put in your personal request – we’ll be sure to take a very good look at anything you suggest, then provide our honest opinion of it.

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What Exactly Are Online College Courses?

Web-based courses provide a cheaper and more convenient education option for anyone who would like to achieve their degree, but without attending an actual college. Study and examination is done online, with material prepared by a whole host of accredited schools. You choose the subjects and courses you want to study and earn college credits when you complete them. These credits can then be transferred to a regular school.

Some obvious benefits of online study are:

Convenience – being able to study anywhere, any time is a massive advantage. This is especially true for people with regular jobs or other family commitments. There are no restrictions or timetables to adhere to – you put in the work at the most convenient time, and location, for you and your busy schedule.

Cost – this is a really big one. It is not unusual for students to save five figures or more just by choosing the online study route rather than attending a regular college. Providers such as Straightlerline mention savings of up to 60%. Don’t forget you should still be on the look out for additional online course offers and promotions as well though. Of course, we’ll be here to help with that :)

Obviously choosing what and where to study is a big decision, so we’ll be producing helpful guides and articles regularly on this site to aid you as much as possible through the process. Most importantly, we’ll also be publishing in-depth reviews on the most popular providers of online education. We hope these will shine some light on the whole process for you and ensure you make the best decision for your future career – whatever your current situation may be.

Online study is a particularly popular choice for the earlier general education courses that are completed at the start of a degree program, with a student then attending a traditional school to complete the final specialized years of their degree.

Lastly, here’s something a little fun! Check out this info graphic we researched and created that explains the most popular degree programs for the year of 2014. Did yours make the list? Click the graphic to enlarge it.

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Infographic - 10 Most Popular College Majors of 2014